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UB40 - Rat In Mi Kitchen - 1986.

Posted by 917
"Rat In Mi Kitchen" (feat. Herb Alpert) [Chorus:] There's a rat in mi kitchen what am I gonna do? There's a rat in mi kitchen what am I gonna go? I'm gonna fix that rat thats what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna fix that rat. When you open your mouth you don't talk, you shout And you give every body the blame, But when they catch you up, They will shut you up And you got no one to blame [Chorus] When you out on the street, You practice lies and deceipt And you scandalize my name But when I catch you up I'm gonna pull you up I'm gonna check-out inside your brain [Chorus] When yo deh pon the scene, You make everyone scream Because they know your so unjust But when they catch you up They will kick you up Because you someone they cannot trust [Chorus] You invade my space Make me feel disgraced And you just don't give a damn If I had my way If I had my say I'd like to see you hang [Chorus 2x].
Posted October 3
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