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My Chihuahua Humps Trump. The ORIGINAL Un-Edited Version. [ORIGINAL]

Posted by 917
Chihuahua humps trump. Our Chihuahua protests Trump in her own way. Our dog was caught humping Donald Trump doll the other day and now the video has gone viral. She's a female Chihuahua dog from the streets of Mexico. Her name is Tag'alon and she's a real savage chihuahua. She's got a message for Trump. This girl Chihuahua is giving Trump the respect he's earned, people have said. It's a funny video that we hope makes everyone laugh. She's never humped anything like this before but she really loves her Donald Trump doll for some reason. She gets excited every time the President Trump toy comes out. She's been featured on Viralhog, Occupy Democrats, Pakalu Papito and Yahoo! She's a girl Chihuahua not a boy and this is how she protests Trump. The Donald Trump dog toy was given to me as a gift and she just loves it. Please share our video of our Chihuahua protesting Trump. This is the original unedited version of the Chihuahua protests Trump video. Our little Mexican Chihuahua dog is becoming a star! LOL Our female chihuahua shows Donald Trump what she thinks and she definitely not shy. This video has now been featured in a Trumptoon cartoon as well. She's a liberal dog that is standing up for women everywhere. Her video was featured on Wednesday Hump Day! The original video can be seen here: Please subscribe to our YouTube channel bartyj here:
Posted June 15, 2017
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