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Batman v Trump: Official Trailer

Posted by 917
The year is 2036. America is a MESS. Fearing the actions of President Trump are left unchecked, Batman takes on the “Tan of Steel” while the nation wrestles with what kind of a leader it really needs. Ben Affleck and Donald J. Trump star in the cinematic event of the year. Video by Vic Berger. Got an idea for Vic's next video? Submit it to Order a limited edition Vic Berger Airhorn and bumper sticker SUBSCRIBE for NEW VIDEOS EVERYDAY - CONNECT for BONUS CONTENT - FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: Super Deluxe presents funny and smart videos from funny and smart weirdos who are probably a lot like you. Shorts, series, animations and a smattering of documentaries and music. Something new every day.
Posted June 10, 2017
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