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Face Farting Daughter Farts And Mom Smelling see the descriptions

Posted by Fart Face Farting Daughter Farts And Mom Smelling. The Laugh of a Fart Fartdogstyle Farting can always be found funny if you just have the right attitude to let yourself be entertained by it. A good example to share would be a story about how two fags were walking down the street and one said, "I smell cum", and the other says, "I just farted." Appreciating a good fart does tend to lean towards the male species brand of humor, for good reasons; One such reason is that men are not afraid to fart alone, in public, with friends or around kids, whereas quite a large amount of the female species are still under a prehistoric belief that girls don’t fart because it makes their ankles swell in their pantyhose! However of course, the other case is that some believe girls aren’t born with assholes until they are married making it impossible for them to fart till later in life. creative commons download and use where you like
Posted July 5, 2017
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