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Donald Trump - Meet the Press October 24, 1999 with Tim Russert

Posted by Zoidberg
Comments that are exceptionally rude will be deleted. The full interview with Donald Trump from 1999 on Meet the Press. Interviewed by Tim Russert. Highlights: On the parties: 00:41 On polls that said majority wouldn't elect Donald Trump: 01:14 "I would only do this if I felt I could win the election": 02:25 On whether this is a PR stunt or not: 02:51 "I'm really only going to do this, Tim, if I can win - meaning win. The big one.": 04:13 On his Bill Clinton - "women" quote: 05:17 On women: 06:11 On ex-wife Marla: 06:56 On his divorces and "family values": 07:43 On his book "The America We Deserve" and North Korea/Preemptive Strikes: 08:19 On tax cuts: 10:46 On his company's bankruptcy: 11:42 On Social Security: 12:14 On Immigration: 12:42 On NAFTA: 12:59 On "Most Favored Nation" trade status with China: 13:15 On a potential economic "crash" (in '99-'00): 13:32 On what he would do to stop the crash before it happened: 14:44 "Is a politician gonna do a better job than I am?": 15:25 On gay marriage: 15:28 On gay persons in the military: 15:43 On whether he has served in the military: 16:04 On partial-birth abortion: 16:23 On O'Donnell's memoir: 17:13 On his involvement with organized crime: 18:33 "My life has been, Tim, a very, very open book.": 19:03 On the most important issue facing our country: 19:42
Posted August 9, 2017
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