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Posted by Zoidberg
EDIT: I never expected this video to get so many hits! I guess I should have been smart enough to put in a plug for our business- We start young horses, give lessons, and train dressage horses and vaquero style ranch horses in Jonestown PA. Out vet is Premier Equine. Thanks for all the views... I think? :-) WARNING: Very gross! ... and some rather stupid conversation. This mustang got kicked in the ribs. He then developed an autoimmune response that needed treated with steroids first before we could safely open the abscess. This horse received the best care possible in a non-hospital setting. I am sure our vet is probably more professional around most of his other clients, but we can act pretty goofy and he is willing to join in with our sense of humor. Viewer discretion is advised. ;-)
Posted January 24, 2015 - Filed in Gore - #abscess  #horse 
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