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King Missile - Miracle of Childbirth (explicit lyrics)

Posted by NamekCruiser
Warning: Parental advisory: explicit lyrics! If you are under 18 (or 21in some states/countries) or are easily offendable, better leave now :P King Missile - Miracle of Childbirth Someone had uploaded this but with lower audio quality. A user claims the following lyrics should also be in the song (maybe other version): "And then your father maybe raped your mother and she screamed and he called in his brother and his father , or his dog, and most probably she cried a lot and thought it really really was very ... nice to be raped, molested, pissed, treated like shit while really moaning more then ever before." PS: Yes it was at AMV (Anime Music Video) Hell Divided by Zero's credits song And yes, I KNOW that the cover is wrong, I guess I should've do a little bit of a research... but f*ck it, just enjoy the lovely song :P
Posted July 23, 2015
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