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Blow Jab

Posted by PowerStroke
Cool Your Balls - #BlowJabFan Order today at BlowJab Fan (Patent Pending) is a cordless portable Blower that you Jab in your pants to keep your crotch area cool when it is hot and humid outside. Cool your entire body! By cooling the crotch area, you can actually keep the entire body a bit cooler as blood circulates through. Think more clearly! You don't need to be distracted by fanning your pant crotch area to get air circulating. When you are out in the heat and humidity, and you are cooling your Dangly Bits, you can stay focused on what you are doing. Who needs a BlowJab? Everyone who is outside (even inside) in the heat and humidity needs a BlowJab! Are you hot? You need a BlowJab! Are your balls sweaty? You need a BlowJab! Do your balls stick to your legs like peanut butter? You need a BlowJab! Give your friends BlowJabs! BlowJab can help increase your sperm count by cooling your balls. Buy a BlowJab and go make some babies. Get a BlowJab for $29.99. Visit Credit: Jim Bob: Jamie Roy Joker: Steven Sgalato Music: 17 Potato Wariors
Posted October 1, 2017 - Filed in Entertainment
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