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Misty Minute: How to Duct Tape to hide your Male parts

Posted by FredGspotSanford
After my Misty Minute about how to Duct Tape your Cleavage, I got MANY requests to do a how to Duct Tape your PIECE. I originally had no intention of doing this for I didnt know how to do it without making a porno LOL.... BUT the other night at a show a girl asked and i was like OK its simple and I instinctively used my fingers.... Dont know why I didnt think of it or do it sooner? SO here is your Misty Minute on Duct Taping "Down Stairs" for a Silver Plated Pussy. or a Tutorial on how to Conceal your Weapon. Also for Removal just like with the cleavage... BABY OIL, Goo Be Gone, Oil Sheen, Silicone based Lube, or even Vaseline can work to remove the Glue Residue left on your skin.
Posted May 12, 2017
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