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Deicide- Bastard Of Christ

Posted by lignja
Lyrics: Bastard of the cross relentlessly Strike fear preaching of his coming here Scriptures, twisted words to provocate Rapture from the lord your god so great BASTARDS OF CHRIST - DIE He fucked himself to save you - put to death, masochist For this his words berate truth - agonized, prophecized Revive the book of fiction - blasphemy, gluttony, to deceive you and me In battled disposition - hang the bitch on the cross Entitle his convictions - blasphemous, lunatic Your heart is full of hatred - bastards die, fuck your christ, will survive, kill yourself, DIE Bastard, for your god you compromise Do without, search the truth you'll never find Scriptures offer little to relate Laughter from the lord into your face BASTARDS OF CHRIST - DIE You think your god will save who - I will see, just believe You fool, not true, no thank you - enemy of the cross His word installs deception - pray to god, not for me, for yourself, soon you'll see You'll die for your religion - holy shit, pacifist Untrue with choices given - nothing won, you are dead Describe the holy vision: blacking out, final breath, meet with death, nothingness, DIE
Posted July 24, 2017
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