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  • SonomaAroma My strain this year, Outdoor N.Cal Sonoma county.. Gorilla Cookies, EXTREME O.G. from exotic genetix ,CHEMDAWG- "special reserve ", Jilly bean( not the best producer but my dogs named after the strain, long story) and last but not least purple city cookies. Only doing 30 plants  outdoor this year. I'll post pics when i find my phone.  Should be a good year, 2.0lbs per plant, it'll be interesting with El Nino weather. Want to grow your own?? follow my posts, ill give ya a cannabis intro course.
    April 7, 2016
  • beave66 Stumbled up this site a little late apparently. I wondered what happened to my H666 friends.  [-X
    June 23, 2016
  • Paintboss1 Whats up Straycrayon people! Been incarserated the last 10 mo. Awesome to see a sight like this again. Was a big fan of H666 back in the day. Good to see some of the same folks. Rock on man!#!!
    December 24, 2016