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  • ShortBus New Olympic sport for next year should be accidental anal high jump.
    November 17, 2016
  • Steve79 My dogs name is Bruce, and when he's being a bitch I say bad Caitlyn!
    July 16, 2015
  • Kid Rock Welcome to the party.....
    July 12
  • sinforfun I can't get the status update feature to accept a YouTube url through video/choose source. Wil someone be kind enough to diagnose specifically my brand of mental retardation?
    April 6
  • IrishJonathan Fuck me, this place is still shit. I thought you gimps would have weeded out all the Sensitive Sally's by now and started posting some decent content. Time to go back to the ether, I'll be back when you sissy's grow some balls and make use of the site that's been gifted to ya. Oh ya an Autie.... go suck a dick. Zoidberg I hope you get shot at a Trump lovers rally, the rest of you gobshites, lick my hairy doughnut..... legend out.
    July 13