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  • Rick Rolling Sanchez Once again, aside from some interaction with a select few, this place is a massive disappointment to visit. And Gay bars, you m'am, can take a long, hard suck on my cock. 'Cos that's all you do here. 
    October 11
  • Shane What do the credit ranks mean?
    March 13, 2016
  • winkenstein For the record... I am not Autie, and Autie is not me.
    August 28
  • Iyamwatiyam Fappening has happened again. Who will risk their bank details and personal information to brave the I-herpes and e-syphilis infested interweb, and collect nude celebrity crotch shots. I am too old and can barely navigate Stray Crayons, much less the wilds of the open web. But I shall cheer a braver soul, should they spread stollen smut for the many.
    March 22