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  • slayerigormortis Ever Knucklefuck a crack junkie and steal her teeth? Should I leave something under her Pillow for when she wakes up?  Sani-wipes?  The " penicillin"? ...A sexy Thong and bag of shredded cheese? .........Yeah, I stole her phone and she can't call me back on our 10 minute anniversary.  Nevermind. I got this shit figured out.
    September 13
  • Rick Rolling Sanchez Hey lady, you're in zoidberg's seat...
    June 5
  • Jim "RedNeck" Crow Hey Simps,          Long time no see. I found her twin sister.
    March 17
  • Zeb Tilton Trump wants to build a wall.....OK, I propose he build it around every state who voted for him.  Build it VERY tall so his vacant cranium followers can't escape to take advantage of our health care.  Build it tall to retain all the air pollution from the unregulated oil and other businesses.  Build it tall to protect the thinking people from stray gun fire.  Build it tall to coral the baby explosion from no parental planning.  Build it tall so our  marijuana  smoke doesn't make you into crazed zombies.  Build it tall to insure no scientific hypothesizes ooze over to conflict with your fairy tale religious/government doctrines.  Build it tall to keep out freedom of the press and preserve "alternate realities".  Build it deep to keep your "mystery" fracking fluids  and coal mining waste out of our rivers and well water.  Build it tall to protect yourselves from rising sea levels.  Perhaps if you build it correctly, you can spare the rest of the world from your short sighted idiocy.
    August 6, 2017
  • ShotgunPiper All Marlon Webb Watermelon Vines Compilation 2015:
    November 8, 2015
  • ShortBus New Olympic sport for next year should be accidental anal high jump.
    November 17, 2016