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  • Fart I'm Tarf
    Thu at 3:43 PM
  • Autie Twathead on the yearbook staff. Not good
    June 12
  • lignja autie you didnt tell us about this
    Tue at 3:59 PM
  • POTHEAD So you comment on my posts, take a screenshot, then edit or delete your own comments, then post the screenshot and claim I did the editing/deleting. I gotta hand it to you, auntie, I din't know you had that kind of treachery in you.
    July 21
  • IrishJonathan Fuck me, this place is still shit. I thought you gimps would have weeded out all the Sensitive Sally's by now and started posting some decent content. Time to go back to the ether, I'll be back when you sissy's grow some balls and make use of the site that's been gifted to ya. Oh ya an Autie.... go suck a dick. Zoidberg I hope you get shot at a Trump lovers rally, the rest of you gobshites, lick my hairy doughnut..... legend out.
    July 13
  • Paintboss1 Whats up Straycrayon people! Been incarserated the last 10 mo. Awesome to see a sight like this again. Was a big fan of H666 back in the day. Good to see some of the same folks. Rock on man!#!!
    December 24, 2016