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  • 14 members led by Natticate
    A place where we crayons can show off our scribbles, photography, and SC fan art :) Dick doodles welcome of course!
  • 97 members led by Inkdaddy
    This group is dedicated to the serious gun professional, shooter, trainer.
  • 7 members led by UncleStudweiser
    Anything to do with using a vaporizer. Post your pics, questions,tips,juice , and anything to do with vape life.
  • 10 members led by Jim "RedNeck" Crow
    4x4, ATV, UTV, MC
  • 42 members led by Tigeriger.
    People being grade A bell ends or just plain retarded.
  • 18 members led by TheDunwichWhore
    "Pointless Gore"
  • 45 members led by Jim "RedNeck" Crow
    H666 Missing In Action.
    Where are they today?
  • 19 members led by mistressXXX
    A group to post any conspiracy theories/articles/memes you have come across, new world order, aliens and the reptilian elite, chemtrails, harp, cern, fluoridated water, 9/11, stuff, things...anything your crazy little heart desires. Come join the kooks, ...  more
  • 43 members led by IrishJonathan
    Everyone has a closet... it's where bones are hidden, along with shit encrusted dildos, porn mags, tied up hookers and cowboy boots filled with vaseline.... We'll mine anyway.

    Whats in your closet ?
    ...  more
  • 10 members led by bttrthnmst
    I was told I had hobo hands the either day because they were dirty from work. So I made hobo hands to share any thing you do for work that people might find interesting or just to show what you do at work to get your hobo hands.