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    A place to share your lucid dream experiences, give or seek advice on lucid dreaming, and expand your thoughts and ideas for lucid dreaming.

    I don't expect much feedback, but i hope there's a few of you dreamers out there. Unfortunately, i haven't had a...  more
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    At least we'll get a reprieve from fag jokes
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    He's got a lot of mileage on him...try not to burn out the tranny.
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    This is a group for learning about people using observation as opposed to questions.. Every few weeks I'll photo a common aspect about someone's everyday life and ask/hope everyone else can do the same.. I find these traits valuable because they are thing...  more
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    Put the Jew in the oven and roast him.
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    If you love or hate a movie, actor, director. Tell it like it is.
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    Good luck everyone...this fuck is the roastee...
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    This is a group where you can post pictures and/or stories of your off road truck!
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    Well most of us like nah LOVE beer and making it is easy. This is for vets and noobs and those that wanna start on a new and highly addictive hobby. Trade tricks, tips,recipes, hacks, builds and what have you.
    Me I'm a rye guy I'll add rye of some sort...  more