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teenage years

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    March 9, 2016 2:43 AM EST

    What was it like as a teenager.

    For me looking back i remember going outside when i got bored, the internet didnt exsist yet so we had to go to the river and get high or drunk then go ride dirt bikes.

    when i turned 16 i got my first car, 72 plymith duster "god i wish i had that car now". it had a rockin 8-track stereo, 2 1/4 slant six that went from 0 to 60 in 3 min lol.

     was alot of fun at the drive in tho. when they invented the cassete tape stereos nobody could afford them.

    Used to get our jolly's from looking at a magazine until beta-max was invented. thats when i watched my first porn, and found out what chafing was.


    came home from school one dat and there was a box in front of the tv with a note from my mom to hook it up "PONG OMG PONG REALY WE HAVE PONG" anyone around 50

    know's what im talking about. The begining of the end of your outside time. "MUST MASTER PONG".

    Then atari 26 came out, Nothing could ever be better than atari 26 "NOTHING". Around 13 or 14 I spent an entire year devoting my life to beating that fucking thing.


    Then i got my first computer. apple 2, it was like the fucking thing glowed when you took it out of the box. I spent 2 solid week's reading "most i ever read in my life" learning

    how to use this thing. Spent 6 hours writing code in integr just to get it to beep but it was the best thing ever.


    After that i went numb and stared at a screen for the rest of my life.


    How was your teenage years ?

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    March 13, 2016 11:55 PM EDT

    I too was outside almost all the time, between sports and being on a farm. First truck was a 79 Dodge Power Wagon and that's when I started chasing skirts. Never had video games had to play them at an arcade. Things were so much simpler back then.

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    May 6, 2016 2:58 AM EDT
    I was always outside playing. I was extremely active (my mom says too active) either riding (crashing) my bike, rough housing with the boys in the neighborhood (in retrospect, I developed early, and the guys always wanted to wrestle to cop a feel), swimming in the canal, fishing, playing on my Pogo stick (I was REALLY good at doing tricks), and hated being inside. I don't really have a lot of memories of spending time indoors till we got internet. I used to run home after school to get online and into chatrooms. I was around 13 at the time when I first got I to trouble for talking to an older guy. I was banned from even touching a computer till I was 15. After the ban I went right back to being an outdoorsy kid. I used to love going out and snake hunting, and paying paintball. I was a pretty good kid, I didn't start drinking till I was 19, and didn't get high till I was 20. I wish we all lived like Benjamin Button. Born old, and die young.