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LIServiceGuy's Album: Good news, Bad news

Good news: Drill bit broke and slashed my wrist, knicking the vein. Blood everywhere on customers million dollar yacht (off-white canvas cushions covered in blood). Bad news: No Before pics or pics of blood covered boat. Good News: pics of offending bit with hair, skin and blood attached. Bad news: I'm going to survive. Good News: Dr. who took care of me fucked up the repair job. Good/Bad news: Going to have a nasty scar that cost me $545.00 thanks to a shitty dr. in the walk-in medical. Good news: The shitty dr. was there to do the fucked up stitch job. Good news: Said fucked up dr. took so long to put 10 stitches in that after the fourth, there was no more painkiller and I felt the last six.