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comaTOASTpsycho's Album: MMA-WNBA

Some of the finests women specimens " pounding it out" in this new but contraversal sport brought to the squared circle. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome in the Mixed Martial Arts-Womens Nut Boxing Association !!! Through exstensive research, science and entertainment officials developed a direct correlation between women and a natural law of attraction to exposed testicles. By mixing in some spurred rage officials parlayed on the sheer adrenaline and technical sportsmanship into an exciting NEW martial art contest !!! Although this sport has the potential to be very lucrative to the female contestants, an increase of mens advocates for the equal pay and treatment of male athletes is on the rise , sparking a equal gender debate. So to speak, on average, the recipient male contestants careers usually only last 6 months to a year, and pay 30% less in paralell direction to the female stars. Opposite, the female superstars, hold high end contracts, royalties, and spur the sport along recruting new talent, generally earning 6 figures at start , and if they stay healthy, their careers have potential to last decades. Besides the politics, this sport works like this, 1 female superstar competes against the "lame" or bull for three rounds, points are accumulated through, style points, and/or a combination of points and knock-outs/technical knock-outs. In combination to the match structure, there is a regular season and playoff system in place for the best competitors. Analysts suggest the worldwide, 36 country innaugriation season is set to accumulate 3.6 billion in revenue and boasts to imply "bullpens" in third world countries in case a shortage of available male prospects. All in all, this and the rise of other "mature audiences only" sports are paving a golden road to creative entreprenuers into a " You want it ? You got it ! " era, and we can only watch in awe as the popularity seems to grow more as it develops.